What is CBD Isolate ?

A great choice for those who just want a pure CBD.
And what does that actually mean? Let’s go through it step by step. 

A CBD isolate is a cannabidiol (CBD) substance that is laboratory separated from other cannabis substances. It represents the purest form of CBD that can be purchased on the market. Isolated CBD, also known in English as CBD Isolate, is most commonly available in the form of a fine white powder or small crystals. The CBD isolate itself is odorless. 

Products with CBD isolate are generally referred to as pure CBD, isolated exclusively to CBD molecule. They thus do not contain any other active substance and their sole and main purpose is to provide their users with the pure therapeutic effects of CBD, isolated from other cannabinoids and terpenes. And their therapeutic value is really very precious.

Basically the word isolate can be defined as a substance that has been isolated from others by some process. This white powder comes from hemp flowers, more precisely marijuana, as this flower is called after drying. However, at the beginning of this process, in addition to CBD and THC, it also contains a large number of other cannabinoids, as well as plant-based waxes, colourants and other substances. 

How is CBD isolate produced?

To obtain the isolated CBD it is necessary to perform complex extraction process. At first, it is necessary to either get or directly grow hemp, ideally high in CBD. For companies extracting the substances from cannabis this of course isn’t a problem. Next step is to extract the individual substances from marijuana. This can be done in several ways, but the most commonly used is the so-called supercritical CO2 extraction. The greasy mass that remains after the extraction is full of cannabinoids, but also of other substances, such as plant-based colourings, various plant-based fats and also of a certain amount of terpenes and flavonoids.  

This so-called full-spektrum extract must further be cleaned from other substances and this involves other two steps: the so-called Winterization and Short-Path Distillation.

Winterization is simply put a process in which the extract is dissolved in alcohol and then stored in freezer. After few hours, the liquid is filtered and the alcohol is removed from the final mixture by heat. These steps will help separate the fats and plant-based substances that we do not want in the extract. 

Short-Path Distillation  is a method of distillation and represents another filtration process. Due to the fact, that every single ingredient has a different boiling point, it is possible to easily and most importantly effectively seperate these parts. The individual methods and steps for isolating CBD may, of course, vary, mainly depending on the chosen extraction method. However, none of the methods can be carried on adequately and reliably without specially equipped laboratory. That is why it is good to leave such process to experts.      

How much THC does CBD Isolate contain?

Simply put, none. You will certainly not find even a 0.1% of psychoactive THC in a high quality product. This is besides other things, one of the biggest advantages of CBD isolate. And that brings us to why it is so important for some people. More sensitive individuals may feel light psychoactive effects after CBD products with a legal THC content below 0.3%.   

CBD isolate thus not only provides the most cannabidiol per gram, but is also sufficiently effective and versatile, so you can use it in different ways and without any side effect. 

Based on the above information, the CBD isolate prides itself on something that the complete yield cannot offer. Many people fear (and sensitive individuals do so rightly) that even that low percentage of THC in the yield can pose a danger to them. Users of CBD isolate absolutely musn’t worry about THC, because this product does not contain anything other than the CBD. 

Of course, THC with the other components of cannabis also contributes to the synergistic effect, which logically explains why it is good to keep it in the extract. Several professional articles about hemp extracts defended the importance of the presence of THC as follows: “In the industrial hemp the content of THC is minimal, practically in trace amount (by law in Czech Republic it can not exceed 0.3 %). THC basically works the same as anandamide, endocannabinoid neurotransmitter that the human body produces itself. Likewise, THC binds to the brain receptor CB1 endocannabinoid receptor system. However, with such a low lawful THC content, the probability of some psychoactive effects after ingestion of legal plant extract is practically zero.

Brief summary in conclusion:

Why, when today consumers have a wide range of CBD usage options, would it be beneficial for some, to reach just for isolated CBD?

After everything we have written about the CBD isolate and the process of its production, the answer is simple and clear. As a CBD isolate itself. Precisely for its purity without a trace of THC or other cannabinoids, the CBD isolate will provide you with its strength and therapeutic value in the purest, most concentrated and at the same time maximally safe form of cannabidiol. And that is one of its huge advantages.