CBD indoor flowers Limoncello 2g

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Limoncello is a pure lemon. Its buds are thick and in a traditional color with a strong fresh scent of lemon peel. Limoncello has visible uplifting effects and therefore, is great for daily use. Its stimulating and long-lasting effects are suitable for long-term concentration. The ability to bloom is to keep you focused and has the ability to suppress stress and anxiety.

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CBD indoor flowers Limoncello 2g

Hemp and CBD sticks look and smell just like regular ones. You will not know the visual difference between them. In both cases it is cannabis. Common cannabis contains high THC (a psychoactive compound) and low levels of CBD (a non-psychoactive substance that is released). On the other hand, CBD flowers contain high levels of CBD and very low levels of THC. CBD sticks, therefore, always contain trace amounts of THC (below 0.2%). So there is no such thing as a CBD flower completely without THC.

* CBD cannabis and other CBD products are not used for smoking or other forms of use. CBD indoor flowers, which you buy from our e-shop, are therefore used more for collecting or research purposes, even though the use would not cause you any problems.

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